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How I Became A Slave In My Own Agency

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In 2012 my friend and mentor Timothy Marc taught me how to start a video production agency, with the dream of being able to live wherever I wanted, and work on my own terms. I struggled to get clients with my premium pricing, and the few clients I did have constantly required phone calls, meetings, proposals, and other time consuming things. I wanted freedom but became a slave, and it was all my fault.

I Wanted Freedom And Got The Exact Opposite

The big problem was that I was on a constant hunt for new clients. And since I had so few clients all my time left over from client-chasing was spent on delivering to the ones I had. No time at all was spent ON the business, building out systems, automating, hiring help, etc. But after a friend of mine did an experiment where he drastically lowered his prices, he started getting more clients than he could handle. This forced him to set up systems and procedures, getting help from other freelancers, and he turned his agency from a freelance business into a real business. After a while the idea hit me of doing exactly what he did.

These 2 Things Eliminated Prospecting, Meetings, Phone Calls, And Project Management

So I figured out a great offer I could put out to the market at a $500 price point (instead of the $4,000+ I was charging before). Everything changed, and sure enough I too had to start spending my time on 2 things: automation and delegation. Also known as “working on your business”. This new offer was so attractive people bought right off my website, and sales calls, meetings, and proposals became a thing of the past.

Introducing: The 2 Hour Agency

I spent 2 years turning my business into a machine that can operate without me. It currently requires less than 2 hours of my time each week, and we average 8 new clients per month. In our best month we had 22 new clients. I put everything I’ve learned about starting, growing, and automating a digital agency into an eBook called the 2 Hour Agency, and it’s pretty awesome.


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