Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram? 2019 Best App

Looking for unfollowers on Instagram? Most Instagrammers found themselves wondering “who unfollowed me on Instagram?” at some point. Maybe they’re one of those follow/unfollow peeps that tricked you into following them. Maybe it’s a ghost follower.

If you’d like to track your unfollowers on Instagram, simply check out the review and download our top pick below. Enjoy!

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How to see who unfollowed you on instagram – best browser app

Only one that worked – Get one of the mobile apps instead

We looked to find other sites that would allow us to see our unfollowers on Instagram. This seemed to be the only one that did it but also it seems you have to wait 1 day to see the results, which is pretty lame.

How to see who unfollowed you on instagram – best ios app

Unfollowers Instagram Apps for iOS

There are hundreds of apps out there to help you find unfollowers, we thought we’d take the time to check them all out and just give you the best ones in order to save you the time.

Here’s a list of the 5 apps we tested.

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This was the best app out of the 5 that we tested. At first we liked another one better but after spending some time using them to find unfollowers instagram this one is now our top choice!

Step 1 – Download Followers Plus + For Instagram

Link is on the bottom of this post.

unfollowers instagram

Step 2 – Sign into your Instagram account

Unfortunately none of these apps seem to let you just tap your way into them, you’ll actually have to type in your login details.

unfollowers instagram

Step 3 – Authorize the app

unfollowers instagram

Step 4 – Verify your account

unfollowers instagram

Step 5 – Prove you’re not a robit

unfollowers instagram

Step 6 – Further proof that you are not a robot

unfollowers instagram

Step 7 – Agree to end user license agreement

unfollowers instagram

Step 8 – Welcome to your account

unfollowers instagram

Step 9 – See who unfollowed you!

unfollowers instagram

Unfollowers Instagram Apps for Android

Step 1 – download Followers Tool for Instagram

unfollowers instagram

Step 2 – sign in, and see who unfollowed you

unfollowers instagram