How to Find a Mentor (Automatically)

Finding a mentor is one of the top ten things everyone recommends you should do to further your career. And I agree. People become better when they are surrounded by people who are better than themselves. Having someone who is personally invested in you can be the key to your success.

What is a Mentor?

So what exactly is a mentor? Put simply, a mentor is someone with more experience than you, who is willing to share some of their knowledge, network, and/or wisdom with you. Usually, the mentor you are looking for belongs in the same industry or skill you are looking to master, but it’s not a requirement.

The Pressures of Mentorship

The thing with this conversation is that a lot of people tend to oversimplify the role of the mentor.

Let me explain.

Usually, the advice you’ll find goes more or less like this:

  • Find someone you want to be like. This is your mentor target, so to speak.
  • Join a networking program, find Meetup events, your own network, whatever.
  • Study your potential mentor
  • Come up with a mentorship plan so you can ask your potential mentor what you want from them.
  • Ask.

The person you ask to be your mentor will be flattered, for sure. But chances are they have no idea how even to be a mentor, let alone your mentor. You’re the one who is studying this topic, not them.

Maybe they’ll agree, perhaps they won’t. But if they said yes because they didn’t know how to say no, now the relationship is unbalanced. You asked them to pour themselves into you, you are expecting to receive something, and if those two expectations are not met, the relationship will be strained.

So I won’t go into a lot of detail about how you should ask someone to be your mentor. There are a lot of really good articles, from really smart people that can help you.

Instead, since my goal is to help you create for yourself a mindset of growth and financial freedom, I’m going to show you how I think you can automate this finding a mentor quest you are on.

Are you looking for a mentor? Start with becoming the kind of person who would actually benefit from being mentored.

Not everyone is prepared to be a mentor. Not everyone is prepared to be mentored.

Before you even think of the possibility of being mentored by someone, start by developing the right mindset that will allow you to get the most of having a mentor.

  • That means having clear goals, even if you don’t know how you’ll get there. Otherwise, what’s your mentor going to help you achieve?
  • That means working on developing habits where you are consistently working out, eating well, and learning new ideas and skills.
  • Being the right person to be mentored means deciding what it means for you to be productive in the context of working hard and resting.

So three things to work on before even considering having a mentor:

  • Define Goals
  • Develop Habits
  • Determine Productivity

But These Are the Things I Need a Mentor For!

That’s exactly my point.

You don’t need a mentor to help you get up in the morning to do pushups.

Or a mentor to tell you what books to read.

And no matter what your goal is, I imagine it’s some version of “I want to build something of my own,” so your goal is pretty much defined.

Develop Habits

Most people stay in this part of the process. They read a lot, devour podcasts, attend events, wake up at 3 AM to meditate, journal, drink tea and exercise.

The risk of this part is that you focus so much on it that you turn your good habits into the perfect procrastinating tool that stops you from actually working on your goals.

Determine Productivity

Now, this is where the real progress happens.

I said it once in our Facebook Group:

“It helps to think about it from a binary perspective: if all you could do was read, learn, and consume content, OR to sit down and work without any books, mentors, etc..

What would you do?

Just a friendly reminder to question if you’re actually working or just preparing to.”

Don’t let the habits of success distract you from the work that builds success.

Becoming the Right Person to be Mentored

Think of the last time you worked hard to get something. Whether that was buying something or something in school or business or whatever.

Whenever you set your mind to achieve something, your brain will start focusing on anything that helps you achieve that thing. So if you are working on learning a skill, you’ll notice books, videos, you’ll start connecting conversations to that statistic you read the other day.

It works for anything you set your mind to.

If you are looking for a mentor, and work on developing habits and being zealous with your productivity, you will focus everything around that will help you reach that goal.

And the best part is that a lot of the mentorship you need is already online.

Personal Mentorship Program

For example, we have a personal mentorship program we offer at 2HA. It’s a personal program that helps people automate their selling systems, so they can make money with less work.

It works. Here’s an example:

How to Find Every Mentor You Will Ever Need

I know you take your work seriously. I know you are working hard to create that lifestyle you dream of.

What I don’t know is if the only thing that’s stopping you is not having a mentor.

So there are two options for you:

You already have mentors around you. You are just not noticing.

If you can position yourself as a learner, the world around you becomes abundant. Maybe you don’t need to ask someone to be your mentor officially.

Maybe it’s the coworker who has a side-hustle completely unrelated to yours.

Maybe it’s a client who you look up to.

Maybe it’s someone online you admire but don’t know personally.

It could be an author. Or some dead person who made a movie 50 years ago.

Or your best friend. Or your spouse.

It doesn’t matter. You already have mentors around you. People who have more experience than you on something, and if you open up to receiving, they will automatically pour their lives into you. No pressure, no programs. Pure human connection and growth.

Actually Get Business Mentorship

If you want to ask someone you know to be your mentor, do it. But sometimes it’s more productive to have someone who doesn’t know you to be your mentor.

The reason is simple. The relationship you previously had will be a burden on the mentorship relationship.

So feedback may not always be completely sincere.

Maybe they won’t push you hard enough.

Maybe they’ll be blind to certain behavior patterns you have because they’re used to you. They know you.

Instead, I suggest you get mentorship from someone who doesn’t know you.

I’ve mentioned the mentorship program I have. That’s an option. My thing is helping you automate income through agency work. So that’s the angle you get from me. But there are plenty of options out there for any industry you are in.

One last thing.

You’re Going to Have to Be Vulnerable

This is probably the toughest one. Finding a mentor means accepting that you need help. There’s another way to put that: Finding a mentor means considering that maybe it’s ok not to have all the answers.

That’s difficulty number one.

Difficulty number two is that when you decide to put yourself under a mentor, you submit yourself to honest, brutal, but powerful feedback that can take your life and career to the next level.

So knowing all this, here’s the bottom line:

  • Work on becoming the kind of person who would benefit from having a mentor
  • You already have mentors around you.
  • Choose a mentor who doesn’t know you, over a mentor who already knows you.
  • Be ready to get your ass kicked.

With all of that said, I wish you the best of luck finding the guidance you are looking for. Leave a comment below. I’m happy to help you reach your goals.