3 Steps To Create & Monetize Facebook Groups Without Advertising

Using Facebook groups is the easiest way to build an audience or become an influencer. In this post you’ll learn the 3 steps to creating and monetizing your own Facebook groups from one of the experts in this space.

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Who can benefit from Facebook groups / having an audience

Many businesses and experts can really benefit from having an audience that loves them. Some examples are:

Coaches and consultants – fill your business with a consistent stream of clients

Entrepreneurs & business owners – grow your business and get more consistency and certainty as far as sales go

Authors – share your knowledge with the world

Experts – share your expertise and get paid for it

Influencers or people wanting to become one – build or amplify your group of followers

Course creators – enroll new students with ease

Affiliate marketers – get the highest conversions out there

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Why Facebook groups help you sell more, and more easily

If you had to make a sale.. who would you pitch to..?

Someone who has never heard of you.

Or someone that already knows, likes, and trusts you?

Obviously, the latter.

This is the power of having an audience, and all we have to do is look at Kylie Jenner who sells makup for hundreds of millions of dollars direct to consumers through social media without advertising.

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Why Facebook will help you grow a successful group

The more time people spend on Facebook the more money they make as they are able to serve (and charge for) more advertisements.

For this reason it’s in Facebook’s best interest to have you succeed in building your own little subcommunity within Facebook, where people are surrounded by like-minded people, and are getting value.

This makes them stay longer on Facebook.

The evidence is also pretty clear here. Facebook is constantly adding new features to empower group owners not to just build their community, but also to monetize them.

You can now pixel people in your group to be able to run ads to them based on their behavior in your group.

You can do paid membership groups.

And you can even deliver content in a structured manner in the Units tab.

Facebook is on your side on this one.

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How to build and monetize Facebook groups

Building and monetizing your Facebook group comes down to 3 steps.

1. Create your group in a profitable niche that you are interested in. Make sure to pick a name that people may find when they’re searching on Facebook. This is not the time to be creative, but more direct.

2. Engage your group. This is how you show Facebook that people enjoy your group, and that it is quality.

This makes Facebook want to promote your group for free by showing it as one of the “related groups” that people see when they are inside other Facebook groups.

3. Monetize your group by using the Reverse Social Selling method.

This is where you don’t create a product and then try to sell it.

You sell the product that you audience wants first, and THEN you create it only when you have your first paying customers.

This completely eliminates the problem of creating a product that doesn’t sell well.

And that can be extremely time consuming, but not anymore if you use this strategy.

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The most common problems and solutions

Some of the most common problems and fears that people have when it comes to Facebook groups are

They don’t know how to get people to join their group.

This is solved by properly naming your group. Promoting it to your network, and most of all by posting valuable content outside of your group with a reason to go find and join your group (in order to get a lead magnet for example).

They don’t feel like an expert

It’s very common to feel imposter syndrome, especially when people look up to you.

Therefor many people are afraid of not feeling like the expert as others look to them for advice.

The truth is in order to help someone you just need to know more than them on a certain topic.

You don’t have to be the undeniable number 1 expert in the world just to help someone.

They don’t want to be seen as the expert

Some people want a group, but don’t want to be the face of it.

Well, you can partner with someone who does.

They don’t know what to sell

This we covered with the Reverse Social Selling method. Once you have some members in your group you can put ideas out there and get people to pay you.

If no one is willing to pay, probably the product is not interesting, and at least you didn’t have to go out and create it.

The other cool thing is you can actually partner with people who already have a product, but don’t have the audience.


They think it’s too much work

With 1 focused hour per day you can build and monetize an amazing Facebook group that produces a full time income.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, especially once you get the hang of it and figure out a schedule that you can stick to.

They don’t know how to get engagement

This is also very easy, it’s a simple matter of reframing how you deliver content.

For example, in the past I would write a blog post and go to my Facebook and say “hey everyone here’s my latest post: LINK”

That’s not the way to do it.

Instead, what you should do is say “Hey everyone I’m just wrapping up a 2,000 word blog post on how I was able to create and monetize a Facebook group in just 30 days.. If you want to read it drop a comment below and I’ll send it to you when it’s done.”

See the difference?

Once I started doing this I saw a huge improvement in my organic reach and also how many people read my blog posts.

I’ve had posts with over 200 comments.. Just crazy

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Case studies of people who turned their Facebook groups into cash

Jonny has helped hundreds of people make an income from Facebook groups, but some of the best examples that really illustrate how powerful it can be are..

Ruth Quinn

Ruth is a personal trainer who already had created a product. She launched it, and it flopped right away, because she didn’t have an audience.

Then she started working with Jonny, built up a group of 500 people, and launched the same product again.

This time however, it was a huge success and helped Ruth make a $10,000 per month income, all while working just a few hours a week so that she could take care of her baby.

Andrew Pabia

Andrew was 17 years old when he had a kid. He had to grow up really fast and find a way to provide for his family.

He started working with Jonny and was able to build up a small group of people that loved his content, and he had a $3,000 day from one of his launches.

Luis Alvarado

Luis is a full time dancer who just wanted extra income as he tours around the world performing.

He built his own Facebook group Entrepreneur Accelerator, and launched his first product.

His group pays for all his travels, and generally funds his whole lifestyle with only 2,000 members in the group.


The coolest name ever. Dang already had a group that he was bringing a ton of value to, but he didn’t know how to monetize his group.

He hired Jonny to help him out and had a $22,000 day when 22 people in his group bought a $1000 product from him.

As you can see.. Facebook groups are pretty powerful and can transform people’s lives.

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How to learn more about Facebook groups

Jonny is currently accepting people into his program where he teaches you to get results like the ones above.

But it’s not for everyone, so what he does is he’ll get on a free strategy call with you and you can tell him about your business or what you want to achieve, and he’ll tell you how to accomplish that with a Facebook group.

If you’re a good fit for his program he will invite you to join.