Facebook Followers: How To Get 150,842 Page Likes In 30 Days For Free

If you’ve been wondering how to get Facebook followers quickly, you’re about to find out how I did it.

This is the strategy I personally used to take a BRAND NEW Facebook page from 0 to over 150,000 Facebook followers in just 30 days.

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We got 150,842 Facebook followers and 117,947 page likes in those 30 days. They are effectively the same thing, the only difference being when someone follows your page it’s not public information, meaning I can’t see what pages you follow, but I can see what pages you like.

Whether you have a Facebook page for your business, personal brand, or whatever, you can actually use this strategy to get yourself massive exposure very quickly.

How to Quickly Get Legitimate Facebook followers

Facebook followers

At the end of the day it comes down to having amazing content.

My problem was that I didn’t feel that I had amazing content in me.

I have good, or really good content in me, but I don’t have mind blowing content in me. At least not yet.

But then I thought.. There are already people out there who have the audience I want, who have mind blowing content that hasn’t actually been promoted properly..

If I could promote their content in the proper way and give them credit, it would actually be beneficial for everyone.

My Facebook page was about inspiration and motivation, and I wanted to share content that would attract people who needed that.

I’d seen an interview with the late Anthony Bourdain (who I’m a huge fan of, it sucks he is gone) where he shared the story of how he got famous.

Facebook followers

Have you heard the story?

It’s incredible. He was 44 years old just working as a cook in Manhattan. He didn’t pay his taxes, he didn’t have insurance, and he had given up any hopes and dreams of traveling the world like he so desperately wanted.

He wrote an article exposing what it’s like working in the restaurant industry, and managed to get it published in The New Yorker, and the next day his life changed.

He got a $50,000 book contract, which led to him writing Kitchen Confidential, and off he went to superstardom.

In any case, I created a short version of the interview where he tells the story, I’ve had to delete the video because of copyright issues (this is what I was talking about earlier).

But I took that video, and uploaded it to my brand new Facebook page with literally 0 likes on it.

I went into the Facebook ads manager and put a $5 per day budget just to get some initial traction, and went to bed.

When I woke up my Facebook page had 1,705 followers, and my video was going viral.

Before deleting the video it had 11 million views and at its peak it brought in 11,885 new followers in one single day.

It was an amazing time for many reasons.

What Happens When Your Content Goes Viral

Facebook followers

It’s very exciting to have a viral video.

I was inspiring thousands of people by getting this story out to the public, most people who knew of Anthony Bourdain never knew about his story.

But then things died down a little bit, and of course I thought..

Let’s make another viral video.

So I found another inspiring story of Majid Jordan, 2 guys who went from putting out 1 album on SoundCloud to being hired full time to work with Drake in his studio.

They’ve gone on to make amazing music and their story too is very inspiring and awesome.

The video flopped as far as views go.

But I didn’t give up, so I found another inspiring story of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. I added subtitles to it (top tip always add subtitles when you’re putting out videos on Facebook as about 80-90% of people watch videos on mute, and will not get your message without subtitles).

Boom. Another viral video.

This one was even more viral than the other one.

At the time of writing it has 15,129,944 views and 334,326 shares.

The Facebook followers kept rolling in!

Facebook followers

Even Vinny from Jersey Shore shared it!

Facebook followers

As you can see, there’s a bit of a formula to making this work.

I will also mention that at the end of the day I did this all for free.

Yes I spent some money on advertising, but since I got so much attention it was effortless to make the money back in order to pay for my ad costs.

Since my page was about inspiration I created a coffee cup on teespring.com and used that to recuperate the money I spent on advertising.

It worked.

Since this strategy utilizes existing content I will tell you to use it at your own risk as there may be copyright issues in some cases.

Facebook followers

Ultimately I didn’t have the time to continue to put out great content on 1 Step Away, but I learned a lot about content marketing and the importance of creating amazing content versus just good content.

Just as the premise of my Facebook page which was to make you realize that you are “one step away” from your wildest dreams.

You are also one piece of content away from your business exploding.

Let’s look closer at the actual steps of how I grew my page from 0 to 150,000 Facebook followers in 30 days:

Facebook followers

How I got 150,842 Facebook followers in 30 days

Facebook followers
  1. Find amazing content
  2. Repurpose the content for Facebook
  3. Publish content, always give credit!
  4. Promote
  5. Monetize

Let’s start with step #1.

Step #1 – Find Amazing Content

The most important thing you need to consider at this stage is who your audience is.

If you’re trying to get Facebook followers for your page you SHOULD want RELEVANT likes.

There’s an argument to be made for the social proof of having a lot of Facebook followers, but if you’re going to be doing the work you might as well get the actual people you’re after in the first place.

One great place to start is to think about..

Who already has your audience?

What person or business, ideally on Facebook, already has the attention of people that you too want?

If you can make a list of 3-5 people or businesses, that’s a good place to start because now we can start looking into whether they have amazing content or not.

The ideal target is someone with a massive following who actually has amazing content but sucks at promoting it.

So when you promote their content for them you’re actually doing them a favor too.

I literally watched Robert Herjavec’s Facebook likes grow everyday after we put out a video about him. He didn’t reach out but.. You’re welcome!

Another really good place to look is the list of popular podcasts out there.

A lot of podcasts are just audio, but some do video as well.

In either case if you find one small piece from a podcast that you think can be an amazing piece of content you can either take the audio and turn it into a video, or take the
video and cut it up into a shorter version, add subtitles of course, and off you go.

“To summarize this step: find someone who already has your audience, take amazing content of theirs and adapt it for Facebook (more on this below).”

Step #2 – Adapt The Content For Facebook

You can’t just take an hour long podcast video and throw it on your Facebook page and hope it goes viral.

The attention span on Facebook isn’t very long, so here’s what you need to do.

1. Capture attention within 3 seconds. 5 seconds if you must.

Either you just start off the video at an interesting point in the story, or you find the most compelling part of the story, throw it in the beginning of the video, and then cut to the start.

Then the viewer at least knows that something dramatic is coming if they keep watching.

2. Keep it short. I’d say 3-5 minutes.
3. Add subtitles

80-90% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute.

This means your message will go completely unnoticed if you don’t put subtitles in.

I’ve personally watched 5 minute long videos completely on mute when on Facebook.

It’s an annoying extra step, but it has to be done.

You can always get it done by a professional using services like GoTranscript or VisualSubtitling from $1-$4 per minute.

4. Create an attention getting thumbnail.

This is just the image that shows for a split second before your video starts playing Action Solar of San Diego. It’s less important on Facebook as it’s autoplay, compared to Youtube for example.

But still, do it right.

If you do these 4 things you’ve done A LOT to set your video up for success.

Step #3 – Publish Video

This is easy, just upload the video to your Facebook page and ALWAYS give credit by tagging anyone in your post whose content you’ve used.

Facebook followers

There’s no guarantee they won’t have a problem with it, but weirdly enough every time I forgot to give credit to someone, even if I used a 1 second clip from them, they always found me and had a problem.

I never had a problem with the people I properly gave credit to.

Step #4 – Promote The Content

If you’re starting from 0 like I did you pretty much have to use some paid advertising to get your content out there.

If you’ve got a monetization plan in place it shouldn’t be a big deal as you will make the money back.

Even if it’s $5-10 a day, it’s necessary and worth it.

If your content is as amazing as it should be, it will pay off.

I usually let my video get 5-10k views, then I would go into Facebook Ads Manager audiences and make a lookalike audience of the people that watched 95% of the video.

I’d turn off my original promotion ad, and setup a new ad with the lookalike audience as the target.

I was getting views for pennies.

Step #5 – Monetize

Ideally you have monetization already planned, unlike I did.

I literally designed a coffee cup in the morning on teespring.com when I realized that I was onto something.

Luckily we sold a few and actually made the money back from our ad spend.

It’s important that what you’re selling is relevant to your page and your content.

Don’t sell cat food when your video is about how to grow your online business.

Check out this post on how to monetize a small blog, even if you’re not a blog it’s a good read.

My final thoughts on this is that it can be difficult to identify amazing content.

I honestly think I have an eye for it, and part of it of course, like anything else, comes from experience.


I grew a page from 0 to over 150,000 Facebook followers in 30 days by finding amazing content that already existed and simply needed to be adapted for Facebook, and in this post you learned my strategy that ultimately led to me having 2 viral videos, both with over 11 million views and I did it all from my laptop.

The key to this kind of growth is having amazing content.

One amazing video is worth 100,000 average videos.

One amazing blog post is worth 100,000 average blog posts

One amazing infographic is worth 100,000 average infographics.

Taking the time to actually create something that goes above and beyond is crucial to getting the type of exposure that we all want online.

After all, a grand total of zero average pieces of content have gone viral.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think of my strategy? Comment below.


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