Business Growth Strategies: 8 Experts Give Their Best Advice

business growth strategies

I define business growth strategies as any activities designed to grow a business, and that’s what we’re going to learn more about in this article. For quick navigation – business growth strategies according to:

What if you could ask Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Noah Kagan, Patrick Bet David, Jack Ma, and Mark Cuban about business growth strategies..?

These guys have already answered this question and today I’m bringing you a report of their answers.

The combined knowledge and experience in this group of people is staggering, so if you’re serious about business growth strategies you’ll probably get some useful ideas here.

If your business is doing less than $100,000 a year the truth is you haven’t even picked all the low hanging fruit yet.

By low hanging fruit I simply mean to implement the mechanics and strategies that pretty much apply to every single business. The immutable strategies of early business growth.

An example would be to ask for a referral after you’ve done business with someone.

It’s something that almost every business should do, and it doesn’t require innovation or creativity.

As I’m writing this I realize I have to write a separate posts about immutable business growth strategies. Stay tuned for that.

For now let’s get into some thoughts by the experts on How To Grow A Business.

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  1. Systemize staff training using documents and videos
  2. Schedule 4 weeks off the grid which forces you to set in place systems, people, and rules that can run the show without you

My comments:

  • This is about building a scalable foundation. Hugely important and don’t stop at automating the training of staff, this also applies to training clients
  • If you’re setting rules that gives staff the ability to make financial decisions without you it can be scary to give out your PayPal/credit card information, this is easily fixed by creating a new PayPal account not connected to a bank account or credit card and simply deposit money into it as you see fit, allowing your staff member to make payments without you being worried about getting screwed
  • Check out this relevant post I wrote about how to quit your job to live off your business

business growth strategies by Tim Ferriss

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business growth strategies by Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Put out great content

My comments:

  • Content marketing is hugely effective but it should never be your first order of business
  • Your #1 priority will be to have a working funnel that can take attention/traffic and turn it into dollars (or FOFU as I call it -> FOcus on the FUnnel)
  • Doing content marketing without having a funnel that works is like pouring water into a bucket with holes in it, you will retain very little water when doing so
  • First plug the holes in the bucket, THEN do content marketing and your efforts will pay off more
  • I didn’t mention this in the video but something worth noting is that I feel you should spend 50% of your time creating GREAT content, and 50% of your time promoting that content. Don’t just put it up on your social channels and call it a day. Sponsor it, reach out to people who might want to link to it, etc.
  • To Gary’s point about great content, check out this post I wrote about making content so good it goes viral

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business growth strategies by Grant Cardone

  1. Focus on revenue
  2. Stop giving discounts
  3. Fill up your pipeline
  4. Dominate your sector
  5. Increase personal visits by 10x

My comments:

  • “Revenue is god” – I agree with this and I talk a lot about not focusing on profit when you’re in those early stages. Focus on getting momentum and you can always go to work on squeezing more profit out of your revenue.
  • I disagree completely with not giving discounts and I think Grant does these days too. Grant is notorious for doing “Hurricane sales” in the middle of a natural disaster and is known to put his products on sale for 90% off. Not giving discounts is an idea that sounds noble and evokes a “YEAH IM BETTER THAN THAT” emotion in many, but in reality discounts can be a great revenue accelerator and lowering my prices has certainly been the best thing I ever did in my business.
  • Fill up your pipeline – just yes.. do it.. Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal because no one else is going to step on it for you.
  • Dominate your sector – This advice makes sense on a theoretical level but is difficult to put into practice. To truly dominate your sector you’d need a lot of cash to outbid your competitors, and probably even acquire them to truly accomplish this. It’s an idea that makes sense but very few can actually pull this off.
  • 10x your personal visits – I also like the idea of this but as someone whose clients reside in a different country than me I just can’t do it. The next best thing of course is a phone call and if I did that I know it’d pay off. If you have the chance to visit your clients I’d give it a shot for a few months and see how your revenue reacts.

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business growth strategies by Tony Robbins

  1. Increase the amount of customers you have
  2. Increase the Average Order Value
  3. Increase the repurchase frequency

My comments:

  • These 3 ways to grow your business were first introduced by Jay Abraham
  • Turn these 3 into questions and ask yourself how to increase each point
  • This is something I do with my business partner several times a year and there’s no better exercise for getting clear on some really good ideas for how you can take your business to the next level

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business growth strategies by Noah Kagan

  1. Get a clear vision

My comments:

  • You can make progress without having a clear vision
  • I can see why having a clear vision would be beneficial as any gaps in where you are and where you want to go will become a lot more clear as well as what to do about them (my ultra marathon example in the video)
  • This is a very abstract idea and that’s probably why Noah himself used to disregard this advice from others

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business growth strategies by Patrick Bet David

  1. Think big
  2. Don’t celebrate too much
  3. Work on your business not in your business
  4. Do the thing with the highest return
  5. Leverage

My comments:

  • Thinking big is required for someone trying to build a massive company, if you’re just building a business to support your lifestyle it might not be necessary on the same level
  • Agreed regarding celebration, no need to go crazy doing that every week
  • Patrick brought up an interesting point about working on your business, but to do so with the right timing. Don’t just assume you should work on your business as quickly as possible, and I’m guessing here but I think the reason he says that is because you’re needed IN the business to build the foundation, and if you only work ON the business before the foundation is laid out you might end up with a weak foundation. I wish he expanded on this point

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business growth strategies by Jack Ma

  1. Turn people’s complaints into opportunities
  2. See the future
  3. Improve your products and services
  4. Do not be afraid of competition
  5. Avoid starting a business with friends
  6. Be stubborn
  7. Stay curious

My comments:

  • A lot of the advice here comes down to listening and watching what’s happening. It’s actually really good and useful advice but very hard to put into practice as far as there not being a “system” to follow or anything of that nature. You can listen to your customers and make adjustments but this is more of an artform than a teachable skill. This goes for a lot of Jack Ma’s advice
  • I don’t believe avoiding starting businesses with friends is always good advice. I myself run a successful business with someone who was first a friend, and plenty of my friends are also running businesses with their friends. You just have to be able to have uncomfortable conversations and hopefully your friend isn’t an idiot.
  • Being stubborn is also one of those double edged swords. Yes giving up is never what got someone to achieve something great. And at the same time yes, there are things you should give up on.

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business growth strategies by Mark Cuban

  1. Sales cures all
  2. Selling is helping
  3. Don’t lie to yourself

My comments:

  • 100% agree. There’s no business problem you can’t solve by throwing money at it
  • Selling is helping I’d say is just a mindset shift for those who think selling is about “I can talk a lot”
  • Not lying to yourself is also good advice as often times we ignore things that we very well know can put us out of business if the wrong thing happened at the wrong time. Being honest with yourself will allow you to fix problems become they become catastrophies


Here comes the full list of advice on business growth strategies.

  • Systemize staff training using documents and videos
  • Schedule 4 weeks off the grid which forces you to set in place systems, people, and rules that can run the show without you
  • Put out great content
  • Focus on revenue
  • Stop giving discounts
  • Fill up your pipeline
  • Dominate your sector
  • Increase personal visits by 10x
  • Increase the amount of customers you have
  • Increase the Average Order Value
  • Increase the repurchase frequency
  • Get a clear vision
  • Think big
  • Don’t celebrate too much
  • Work on your business not in your business
  • Do the thing with the highest return
  • Leverage
  • Turn people’s complaints into opportunities
  • See the future
  • Improve your products and services
  • Do not be afraid of competition
  • Avoid starting a business with friends
  • Be stubborn
  • Stay curious
  • Sales cures all
  • Selling is helping
  • Don’t lie to yourself

Really good advice here I’d say. Which one resonates the most with you? Please drop a comment below and vote on whose advice you found most valuable.

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