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In this article I just wanted to show you specifically why I love Active Campaign so much, and if you’re already a user, or planning to become one, how you can use my strategies as well to grow your business on autopilot.

That’s really the beauty of Active Campaign—you can set up quite sophisticated automations that will give any small business an opportunity against the big guys because of how much it can help you accomplish while you sleep.

To be completely honest, I’m probably only using about 50% of Active Campaign’s capacity, and it still has a huge ROI. In fact based on some calculations I did I found that each $1 I spend on Active Campaign saves me 8 minutes of my life, and that doesn’t even mention how much money it makes us on autopilot.

Email Autoresponders

active campaign autoresponder

Obviously, I use Active Campaign to send automated email sequences. Primarily I use it for pre purchase and post delivery. Our pre purchase autoresponder is used for people that have opted in, shown interest, and we try to push them over the line by sending them valuable content related to what we sell (video production).

We also have an autoresponder in place for post delivery. Once our clients have been delivered to we want to get a testimonial (most people don’t automate this–we do), but we also want them to come back and buy again, which is a great use case for Active Campaign.

Let me show you both our pre purchase and our post delivery strategies.

active campaign pre purchase

Pre-Purchase Autoresponder

When someone ends up on our pre purchase list it’s because they’ve downloaded a lead magnet, or just filled in their details to be contacted by us.

This gives us the opportunity to build a relationship with them, and send interesting information surrounding the topic of what we offer.

The good thing is that, as you’ll find out in the next section, we use Active Campaign forms to take new orders. The beauty with this is that AC knows if someone is on our pre purchase list has become a client or not, which lets us send or not send emails to them based on that.

So how are we using autoresponders to get clients?

Well we send them emails every week to bring them closer to a buying decision. Our emails include things like how they can use their videos to get more customers, a case study of a company that got a $5 million deal because of their video, a clip from Bloomberg about video and its importance. Visit

Basically giving them ammunition to not only convince themselves that they need to buy a video from us, but also the other people in their company.

If you don’t know where to start with sending emails to someone who is a LEAD, and not yet a CUSTOMER, here’s a little formula that you can use to get started:

active campaign email
Day 1

Send a content email. Think of this email like this blog post you’re reading right now. I’m giving you practical information on how you can use Active Campaign.

Day 3

Send authority email. This might be a video clip from someone on CNN talking about your industry. It might be a clip of you being interviewed on TV. It should be something that brings authority to your business, or the product/service that you sell.

Day 5

Send testimonial email. In this email you’ll want to provide evidence of what it’s like working with you. I also do this as a Facebook retarget ad where I have a slideshow video of 11 testimonials from happy customers of ours.

Day 7

Send another content email. Again this is about providing actionable information they can use once they buy your product or service. It is meant to increase their desire for what you sell.

Then proceed with 1 email per week sending more content.

Throw a quick pitch and a link to your website at the end of each email. This is important, how else will they buy? Type in your URL?

active campaign post delivery

Post Delivery Autoresponder

We also use autoresponders AFTER we have delivered to our clients. We do this because there are a few things we want to happen..

  1. We want our client to leave us a review on our Facebook page or our Google My Business page
  2. We want them to send other people to us
  3. We want them to come back and buy more videos

Why should any of these things be done manually when they don’t have to be?

Here’s how we do it:

active campaign trello

We actually use Trello for internal project management. Once we are finished with a client project we move them into our “Delivered” list. This triggers a Zapier zap that takes the email address from the Trello card and puts it into an Active Campaign autoresponder that sends out an email the next day.

The next day email says thank you for working with us, and it sends a direct link with very specific instructions (people are not as dumb as you think.. they’re dumber..) for how to leave us a review on our Google My Business page..

4 weeks later we send out another automated email that simply says “it’s been 4 weeks since we delivered your video, how is it going?”

This is cool because we are checking in with our clients, but also it’s designed to start a conversation, and I can’t tell you how many times this very email gets a response along the lines of..

“Video is working great, also we were thinking about making another 4 videos, can we chat?”

You have to realize that a lot of people are out there with the intention of buying from you, but they’re procrastinating.. That’s why it’s important to stay top of mind, and to start the conversation and flat out ask the question “do you want more videos?”.

active campaign

Another cool thing about Active Campaign is their form builder. I’ve used AC for many years now, and honestly their previous form builder, or lack thereof, sucked.

Now it’s actually really good.

You can create forms, easily design them with simple CSS, and use it to automate things in your business.

Let me illustrate how we use forms in our video production business, and how it allows us to automate certain things that we used to have to do manually.

First of all, unfortunately we cannot just take payments for our videos straight off the website, the next best thing then is an order form without payment.

So we’ve created an order form in AC that we put on our site, and once filled out it adds the person to our buyer’s list, it removes them from any automations sent out to non-buyers, and here’s the other thing…


active campaign forms

Once someone has become a client of ours we need more information from them (this is true for almost all online service businesses), and here’s a very easy way to get those:

On our thank you page we’ve put the brief (another form) where we ask all the questions we need answers to in order to get started on our new client’s project. The weird thing is, some people will actually place an order with us, and never fill out the brief.

Most people don’t fill out the brief right away, for that reason it’s a really good idea for us to keep reminding our clients to actually do so (we can’t invoice them until they fill it out).

This is where the Active Campaign automations become really effective because AC knows NEW CLIENT filled out Form 1 but not Form 2, therefore we are able to send reminder emails until they fill out the brief so that we can get started on their project.

This is otherwise something most people do manually, and that’s just a waste of time that leaves money on the table as it’ll for sure be forgotten in many cases.

active campaign new clients

Site Tracking + Retargeting (FREE)

active campaign site tracking

One other badass thing about Active Campaign is that once you’ve got a prospect’s email address you can track their visits on your site, and send emails based on their behavior.

One really cool example that I’ve used is to email people who visit your checkout page but not your thank you page with an offer to help, or even a discount.

The reason this is so cool is because A) unlike doing a Facebook retargeting ad, this is free and B) it’s based on time meaning I can decide exactly when to send the email.

This is how I used it:

Someone would visit my checkout page but not my thank you page, and I had an automation in place that was tracking the users visits on my site, which would then send out an email 10 minutes after the visit (only if they never visited the thank you page) saying “Hey I stalked you and saw you visited my checkout page, did you have any questions?”

This is a super cool way to get insight into common objections as well as actually pushing people across the line to make a purchase.

active campaign retargeting

Automated Discounts using Deadline Funnel

active campaign automated discount campaign

Another really cool example I’ve used was for an information product I was selling in the past.

We would get a new email address from a prospect that signed up to watch our webinar, this would start a timer with Deadline Funnel that we integrated with Active Campaign.

I can’t remember exactly but let’s say the timer was set for 30 days.

I then created a new checkout page specifically for this Discounted sale, and placed the Deadline Funnel code on it.

Here’s the thing, the minute this prospect signed up for our webinar, our 30 days countdown timer started counting down on a checkout page that the prospect was not aware of.

So let’s say the prospect went through our whole webinar funnel, they got our 7 day email sequence, and they still didn’t buy.

Now the discount checkout page had 23 days left on it, and the prospect was still unaware that this checkout page, and this discount actually existed.

So then let’s say I waited another 19 days, so that the discounted checkout page only had 4 days left on it.

Now I’ll send out an email to the prospect about this “4 day sale” event.

It was offering our program at 50% off, it had an ACTUAL deadline on it because Deadline Funnel will actually make it so the page shows a “sorry” message once the timer has run out.

Active Campaign Summary

active campaign summary

And it was fully automated.

Can you see how cool that is? It means I can offer a LIMITED time discount, with an actual consequence (page becoming unavailable) to everyone no matter if they joined our list on Monday or Friday, they’d still get the exact same deal.

This was super cool and guess what: it worked. We made sales to people who had gone through our “normal” funnel and didn’t buy.

This is a really cool way to automatically grab some more cash.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think of my Active Campaign strategies? Comment below.


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