The $500,000 Laptop

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Quick Story..

In 2012 I was sitting at my desk in my corporate job, hating life wondering to myself “is this all there is to life?”.

My job was to email people who hadn’t paid their insurance. I felt overqualified and underwhelmed.

I dreamt of having my own business just running off my laptop, being free to roam the planet on my own terms.

So I quit my job, and joined a $2,000 online course that was going to teach me to start my own business, and set off.

I Sucked At Business..

  • Connector.


    Quit my job to start an online business

  • Connector.

    2013 - 2015

    Making mistakes, and learning a lot. Sales are only 5 figures annually. I get a part time job to pay my bills.

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    My business hits 6 figures in revenue

  • Connector.


    I systemize and automate as much as possible. Business grows about 50%.

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    My business has a $50k month. Also I start One Step Away, and we get 150k followers in 30 days.

Shortly after quitting my job I realized I had no clients, and no income. I learned that I’m not a natural salesman, and ended up taking on some short term jobs to keep myself afloat while trying to figure out how to make money online.

I got my first client by walking into a nail salon and asking: “hey, do you need a website?”.

I made $2,000 and it was a very proud moment.

The next few years I went on like that, getting clients here and there, making a ton of mistakes and learning a lot.

After some big lessons and a lot of tweaking, I built my business to the point where not only were we getting new clients every single week, but I also had a high quality team that actually took care of everything.

The $500,000 Laptop

I spent a ton of time automating repetitive tasks á la 4-Hour Work Week, building up a highly reliable team, and tweaking our website to the point that clients would spend thousands of dollars worth of services from us without ever meeting or even talking with us.

I built this business on just a Macbook and a lot of trial and error. No office, no sales staff. We started with nothing, not even money to spend on advertising.

Today I’m Opening Up The Curtains

I spent 6 years tweaking and testing, making mistakes, and making one-off changes that turned out to be hugely profitable.

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned to build this 4-Hour Work Week type business into a 40 minute webinar.

It’s free. I don’t sell anything at the end, so go grab a pen and paper, and watch this lecture.

I’m sharing The 1 Counterintuitive Change That Tripled My Profits & Cut My Workload to 1 Hour Per Week.

I also dig into the 3 shifts you need to create a 6-figure automated online business.

I Was Going To Charge $19 For This Video

No bullshit, I planned on selling access to this video for $19, and one of my business partners literally sent me an audio message saying “dude why would you give away all that value for $19? It should be $297”

It’s FREE..

You can watch this FREE video until I take it down again. Not only do I show you what we’ve done but throughout the video I pose questions for you to think about, so that you can apply some of the things you learn.

So put your smartphone on Do not disturb, and grab a pen and paper, you’re going to need it. Let’s go.

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